UN 2014 from Cynthia Basinet on Vimeo.

NEW YORK - The singer, actress, activist +CynthiaBasinetVEVO , best known for the iconic version of “Santa Baby” petitions the United Nations on behalf of issues facing the Western Sahara.

From the UN official site:

"CYNTHIA BASINET, singer and actress, said that she had been petitioning on behalf of Western Sahara for more than 10 years, while many had been doing it for decades longer. She asked what could be done for the United Nations to be invested in aggregating the necessary change to “live the oath and pledge” that it had undertaken."

Going Out Of My Head from Cynthia Basinet on Vimeo.

Best known for “Santa Baby” comes this “easy, breasy” version of “Going Out Of My Head” from the CD, “The Standard” #buythemusic #feedme


Vocals: Cynthia Basinet
Piano and Organ: Rei Williams
Added Drums: Dana Meyers
Producer: Lloyd Chiate (Eddie Money, Motley Crue, Motown, TSOP)
Engineer: Dana Meyers (Whispers, Babyface, Maze)
Video: Jeffrey Collins

"Santa Baby" behind the scene from Cynthia Basinet on Vimeo.

Making of the music video for “Santa Baby”. With a tribute to Eartha Kitt. It was never Marilyn.

From the CD, “The Standard” on iTunes.

NCIS LA - feat. “SANTA BABY” from Cynthia Basinet on Vimeo.

Holiday Episode - “Free Ride” 4x10

Cynthia UN 2013 from Cynthia Basinet on Vimeo.

New York - Singer, Actress Cynthia Basinet Addresses the United Nations on behalf of issues that face the Western Sahara.

From the UN official site:

"CYNTHIA BASINET, actress, singer and humanitarian advocate, lamented that thousands of people of Western Sahara had lived as refugees, without the opportunity to fully enjoy their lives. That situation had led to tyranny, poverty and untold hardship, she said, stressing the need for self-determination to salvage them from the deprivations. Regrettably, the international community had turned a blind eye and remained stagnant on a referendum for the people of Western Sahara, and she implored the United Nations to remain forthright and steadfast in its responsibility to enable them to achieve self-determination."

Cynthia visited the Algerian based camps in 2001 in efforts to raise awareness for the Saharwian refugees living in self-determination and has addressed the UN on numerous occasions on their behalf.

She was nominated for a shared Nobel Peace Prize as part of the “1000 PeaceWomen Across the Globe”; a project raising awareness for women peace workers around the World.

The Los Angeles native is best known for the hit, “Santa Baby” heard in soundtracks, like “Party Monster, “NCIS Los Angeles. Her latest full length CD, “The Standard”, a compilation of Standards; 15 years in the making teams her with artists like pianist Lee Musiker, is available now through iTunes and Amazon.

More Information: un.org/News/Press/docs/2013/gaspd531.doc.htm

"Santa Baby" from Cynthia Basinet on Vimeo.

From the CD, “The Standard” itunes.apple.com/us/artist/cynthia-basinet/id193221514 The version oft credited to Marilyn Monroe

New York- Actress, singer Cynthia Basinet releases her new music video of “Santa Baby” with a tribute to Eartha Kitt, the song’s original siren on the 60th anniversary.

"I thought it was a perfect time to give tribute to the singer that had inspired me not only vocally but with her joie de vivre." said Miss Basinet

Often mis-credited to Marilyn Monroe; the actress, singer felt it important to pay tribute to Eartha.

Cynthia’s “Santa Baby” was originally recorded as part of a Christmas CD in 1997 as a gift to then love, Jack Nicholson, directors she had worked with and her agents.

Later launched via the Internet and self-determination in 1999, which led to a visit to the Saharwian refugee camps in Western Algeria in 2001.

She was subsequently nominated in 2005 for a shared Nobel Peace Prize and has addressed the UN on numerous occasions including this past October.

"Santa Baby" can be found in soundtracks for, "Party Monster", starring Macaulay Culkin and CBS’s NCIS LA starring LL Cool J.

"Santa Baby" is also on her first full-length CD of Standards aptly entitled, "The Standard" with another Holiday bonus track, "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)" arranged by featuring Lee Musiker on piano of Tony Bennett fame.

Her jazz releases are on heavy rotation alongside artist such as Ella, Billy Eckstine and Diana Krall. Her vocal stylings have influenced many of today’s pop artists’ with crossover on Holiday playlists from Bing Crosby to John Lennon and John Legend.

Cynthia can be found acting and has a new crossover single a ballad, “Eventually” out soon.


Production: Regulus Filmz, Gary Brown